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If you would like to take charge of your health and well-being and improve your life, Max Health Physical Therapy in Schererville, Indiana, and Merrillville, Indiana, is the place for you. See what Max Health Physical Therapy and our experienced team can do for you.

Max Health Physical Therapy offers a wide range of services relating to health and wellness in the Northwest Indiana area. Learn more about our specialized approach, talented staff and the benefits of turning to us for your health and wellness needs. Browse through our website to find out how we can put you on a healthy track for life.

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  • Nearly 3 in 10 Americans Have Insomnia: Survey June 24, 2022
    Hours go by with you tossing and turning, with no hope of escape into comfy, restful sleep. Or worse, you’re exhausted with no chance of dozing off before the dreaded morning alarm. If this isn’t you, it may be someone very close to you, suggest the results of a new survey.
  • Seniors With Prediabetes: Eat Better, Get Moving, but Don't Fret Over Diabetes June 24, 2022
    About half of adults 65 and older have above-normal blood sugar levels that put them in the prediabetes category. Although that is a signal to improve your eating habits and get more exercise, researchers say only a small percentage of the group will develop diabetes.
  • CDC Panel Backs Moderna Vaccine for Those Aged 6-17 June 24, 2022
    An expert panel from the CDC voted unanimously to recommend the Moderna COVID vaccine be approved for kids between the ages of 6 and 17.