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Industrial Assessment and Rehabilitation Program

Fitness and prevention are foremost in all of our activities and treatments.
We strive to provide the highest level of evidence based Physical Therapy intervention directed to improvement in pain, mobility, balance and function.
  • Provides internationally recognized workers’ compensation service
  • Prevent work related injuries
  • Expeditiously return injured workers to their previous job
  • Reduce cost of claims
  • Customized to meet the specific needs of your organization
  • Reduce your OSHA recordables and minimize your workers’ comp cost
  • Therapists recognized as specialists in the treatment of injured workers through the nationally accredited Occu Care Systems.
  • Currently in network with most workmen comp networks including Medrisk and Align Network.
  • Using Occupro software that helps our experienced therapists generate customized Functional Capacity Evaluations with comparative diagrams that allows the organization make appropriate decisions about their employees with ease and speed
  • Available Programs:

    Functional Capacity Evaluation:
    • Up to 33% faster return to work
    • Reports completed within 15 minutes of the evaluation
    • Assists Physician with sound return to work decisions
    • Determine objective baseline data for disability
    Job Demand Analysis:
    • Comprehensive analysis of return to work physical demands
    • Web based evaluations emailed to customers the same day
    • Outlines physical demands levels required for full duty work
    Work Conditioning Program:
    • Focuses on rehabilitating return to work deficits
    •  Improve employee productivity at time of return